Battery Sytems

 Every energy system is unique. At IONBASE we challenge ourselves to provide our customers with the optimal solution centered around our state of the art batteries.

IONBASE batteries are designed to be modular, this enables our batteries to be used in a wide variety of applications and set-ups. Our standard solutions can be customised to your needs. Getting excited and want to learn more? Contact for more information!

Scale-able design

Our batteries are easily scalable thanks to their modular design.

Passive cooling

The enclosure functions as a heat sink eliminating the need for active cooling.

Easy installation

Easy installation of batteries by focusing on plug and play features.


All our batteries are designed according to the highest safety standards.

Low voltage - Industrial battery packs

Are you looking for custom large scale – low voltage storage solutions? Inquire about our 48 Volt industrial solutions.

Containerized solutions

Get in contact to learn more about our high voltage containerised solutions.


IONBASE batteries are ideal for the marine environment. Learn more about the electric drivetrains of our partner WaterWorld electronics at

The Waterworld Whitelabel

Supporting electrictric boating in collaboration with WaterWorld. At the heart of almost all WaterWorld electric drive system you will find batteries and a BatteryLink designed and manufactured by IONBASE. We are the official manufacturer of all WaterWorlds energy storage products.


IONBASE offers complete drivetrain solutions up to 20 kW with scalable battery packs.

Electrify your future

contact us for more information about our specialised energy storage systems